Monday, January 29, 2007


Some people are born where they belong,
Their home and family supply all needs:
The glow of hearthlight waxes strong
The call of the wider world recedes.

And some search long but never find
A spot where they can set up base
At last they must become resigned
To moving on from place to place

And some again, the lucky few
Are urged to leave, and to seek out
An individual rendezvous
With love's whisper or fame's shout

Belonging is a state of mind
Tranquility its foremost fruit
Sought by all, but many find
It cannot grow without a root

I give permission to students to quote and reproduce this poem in assigments on condition that the poem is credited to Martin Locock and the url is stated:

Teachers and others wishing to include it in resource packs should contact me at mlocockATgmailDOTcom.

Information about the poet can be found at A Few Words (see for example Self portrait in 30 statements) and Answers to questions from Poet's Letter, and there are also author's notes about the poem.


Belonging is included in my poetry collection Carefully Chosen Words published by Carreg Ffylfan Press.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Welsh traditions

Knowing more about rugby than the WRFU
Using three words when one word would do

Forming a committee to get something done
Pooling the talents and wasting each one

And when it goes wrong to everyone's shame
A nation united in apportioning blame