Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Burnished with wear, the ring
Is pitted and tarnished: it sits
On the mantelpiece, no longer
Warmed by proximate blood;
The finger it encircled reduced
To fleshless bone.

Smelted, forged, wrought
And tempered, the ring retains
Its form on cooling. The fading
Of the heart's heat leaves
No shape memory.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Toronto notebook: a haikulogue


The taxi driver's
Accent is hard to pin down:
Oh, it's Serbian

The same but different

A squirrel explores
The corners of the car park
But its fur is black


Pedestrian city
Nobody wonders why you
Choose to walk around

Negative advertising

A sex shop is named
Very unappealingly
It's "Not just condoms"

High rise

Hemmed in by glass blocks
The passing clouds can be seen
As cool reflections


Plastic surgeons and
Dentists vie for passing trade
With the sandwich shops


Sirens aren't common
The police station dormant,
Another office


I've changed my watch but
I think my stomach's still
Eating on British time


Breakfast is labelled
"All you care to eat": Nanny
Would surely approve

Local news

Headlines mean nothing:
names I have never heard of
Doing something, or not


The air's sickly sweet
In the wake of a black guy
Smoking a fat joint


The pavements are full
As tourists and locals seek
Food, drink and good times


A long-legged girl skates
Dodging through the ambling crowds
Eyes follow her path

Temperature control

The Canadians
Have their air conditioning
We have our windows

Small rebellions

Although the waiter
Says "Have a nice day" to you,
His heart's not in it


Doors which are unlocked
Are still kept closed: no labels
Hint at openness


People approach me
All the time, wanting to
Tell me boring things


Ivy hugs old walls
Obscuring Gothic windows
Clutching ancient stones

The passion

A nude bronze statue
Arms outstretched, unsettles me
"Crucified woman"


Visiting tourists
Forgetfully say "Here in
the United States"

An exception

Although order and
Tidiness seem general,
There's some graffiti

Manners 2

"No excessive noise"
Warns a road sign, leaving its
Key term undefined


The Catholic church
Sounds the hours with its bells; chimes
Doubled by echoes

Nutritional advice

Chocolate milk is
Not a food group; and maple
Syrup is not fruit

Half empty

Wine bought by the glass
May not fill it halfway up:
Leaves me wanting more

Queen's Park

The park is busy
A girl does Tai Chi while
Joggers trot past her


A squirrel sits up
Swaying, focused on watching
The berried branch move


The forecourt rattles
As the subway train passes
Beneath the sidewalk

Meteorological Office

A proud plaque records
"Bringing weather to you since

Rapid transit

The line runs next to
The real railway, carrying freight,
Its bigger brother

Little England

Islington, Old Mill,
Runnymede, Lansdowne, Bathurst:
Named by pioneers

Airport bus

Flight crew, when earthbound,
Share bus seats with mere mortals:
They stay dignified


The premium class
Passengers queue just as long
As all the others


On the brink of change
Turning back to UK time
My watch means nothing


The gallery looks out
On boys' toys - the planes and trucks
Playing together