Sunday, February 13, 2005


"I can't complain, but sometimes I do"
Joe Walsh, Life's been good

Number the days you hope to last,
The maximum at your command;
Then review your tallied past,
The hourglass's grains of sand:
How much time is lost in thought,
Dreams, attempts at making sense?
As if reflections of that sort
Have ever made a difference

Life's endeavour is to engage,
To go out to other hearts, connect:
It does no good to mourn or rage,
Or think of the past with regret:
Pain and sickness, loss and death
Complaining is a waste of breath

Greek wedding (anniversary song)

Six plates in the wedding room
A gift for the bride and groom

Moving the stuff into Elwood Drive
The box was dropped, and then there's five

Washing up drunk, one drops to the floor
Smashes to pieces- then there were four

Stacked on the draining board, one struggles free
Slides to its doom, and then there were three

A baby's first dinner, mashed into goo,
Ends on the carpet, and then there were two

A meal in the microwave, cooked by the son:
Hadn't read the label, and then there was one

A plate for a flowerpot on the sill in the sun
The cat knocks it over, and then there are none

China gets broken, whatever we do
Love is unbreakable; love sees us through.

Thursday, February 03, 2005


He refers to this
The refers to that
That damn'd allusive Pimpernel