Saturday, August 27, 2005

Have to remember to forget you (Song)

When I wake up in the morning light
I turn, expect to see the sight
Of you, but you've gone away
And though it's been a long long time
It always seems to slip my mind
Have to remember to forget you every day

When I'm staring at the TV screen
Or flicking through a magazine
There's always something makes me stray
A girl in the story with your name
An actress who almost looks the same
Have to remember to forget you every day

I stand down by the riverside
Watch the water roll on by
Watch the changes as it drifts away
Though I know you won't be coming back
I can't move on or change the track
Have to remember to forget you every day

Sometimes it's the good old days
Mostly it's the crying phase
Memories just seem to want to stay
I still expect to see your face
In every part of every place
Have to rememebr to forget you every day


Erin said...

I'd love to hear this set to music Martin - it plays in my head like a country tune - I wonder if that's what you had in mind? Anyway, very lyrical, would make an excellent song I think.

Martin Locock said...

Yes, that's spot on- I was thinking of songs like "You're the reason our kids are ugly" and "All I want from you is away". When I get the chance, I'll send you a tape of my demo arrangement.