Sunday, July 24, 2005

History lesson

"Tell us about the seaside!" I try to demur
But realise that Billy's not heard it before:
"We went in the car from city to sea-" "What's a car?"
I pause to explain what vehicles are
"And played on the sand and soaked up the sun"
"You went out in the air with no pressure suit on?"
"Yes, and swam in the water" "How brave! Were you scarred?"
"No, the water was clean; and then in the yard
We'd each have the choice of our favourite dish
Mine was fish and chips-" "Grandad, what's a fish?"


Erin said...

eerie isn't it, to think that this may not be all that far off from what the future may be.

Martin Locock said...

I thought of this while looking at the freezers of various fish in the supermarket, remembering the words of a Scottish fisherman who had accepted new limits on the fishing of cod, who said he didn't want to have to explain to his children waht cod used to be.

Anonymous said...

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Martin Locock said...

Thank you, "Lila". My first comment spam!

Erin said...

lol YAY! Spam comments! I got 3 yesterday - one of which was for a site full of cheesecake recipes! lol! They piss me off and I delete them.