Tuesday, April 19, 2005

At home with the Muses

The nine daughters of Mnemosyne (Goddess of memory) : Calliope (the fair voiced, Muse of epic poetry), Clio (the proclaimer, Muse of history), Erato (the lovely, Muse of love poetry), Euterpe (the giver of pleasure, Muse of music), Melpomene (the songstress, Muse of tragedy), Polyhymnia (she of many hymns, Muse of sacred poetry), Terpsichore (the whirler, Muse of dancing), Thalia (the flourishing, Muse of comedy) and Urania (the heavenly, Muse of astronomy).

Clio has got Time
On her hands, now they say that
History is dead.

Rather quiet these days-she's
Very seldom called

Melpomene's such
A drama queen, dressed in black
Veiled, gloved and stockinged

Terpsichore's out
'Til dawn, at a rave or in
Some cellar night-club

Thalia laughs but
Needs no joke-it's just as well
The last has been told

Euterpe plays
With drum'n'bass and scratches
Her harp is rusted

Urania's head
Is in the clouds that obscure
Her quarry, the stars

Erato’s busy
Wrtng txt mssges of
Electronic love

Calliope sleeps:
Now that movies are epics
She is not disturbed


Erin said...

this is pretty witty! I can't keep up with who's who enough to write about greek mythology, I used to try though. I love the goth image in the 3rd strophe/senryu. Very modernindeed :| and the txt mssgs too!

Martin Locock said...

Thanks- I just had this image of the none sisters mping around in a bif=g house, some still neded but the rest forgotten.

Martin Locock said...
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