Wednesday, October 26, 2005

55 words for Bob Dylan

Robert Zimmerman
left his name behind- just took
his guitar with him

Wailing in the streets
of New York, he became a
hero, then Judas

mixed with drugs and rock and roll
thoughts and feelings merged

Marriage, kids, divorce
facing up to pain and loss
You always have words


Erin said...

Excellent Martin! But you don't have to count the title in the 55, so technically, you still have words... 5 to be exact ;)

Dylan kicks ass yes? Yes.

martin said...

yes... I don't want 5 words because it would need another haiku!

. : A : . said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and taking this on. I count it as 55 wrods with the title purely because of the haiku.


Beautifully written.

Renee Wagemans said...

NIce very nice

iamnasra said...

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